1. So Naïve

So Naïve

Words and Music by Shaun Quixote

Produced by Shaun Quixote and Rob Roy at PowerStation Studios, Pompano Beach, Florida

Engineered by Paul Kronk

Mastering Engineer: David Levy for David Levy Mastering


Shaun Quixote: Lead Vocals, backing vocals, guitars
Tony Medina: lead guitars, rhythm guitars
Jamie Newitt: drums, percussion
Steve Argy: bass guitar
Robert Taylor: piano, Hammond organ, electric piano, keyboards
Emily Colestock: backing vocals
Rob Roy: guitars, backing vocals
Lucas Morelli: synthesizers


So Naïve

There’s a fervent zeal
And a mass appeal
I see the crowd awaken
As a thunder peal
Rings in the winds of change
And we rearrange
The world

And determined eyes
Seek to ostracize
Those who’d quell the storm
With their empty lies
Then just turn away
On election day

And I want you to know that it’s up to you
And I want you to know that it’s up to you

My friends they tell me that I’m wasting my time
And I know that I wont make a dime.
It’s no crime that I want to believe
Could it be that I’m so naïve.

So naïve
So naïve

It takes so many hearts
From so many parts
To force the bend at last
In the moral arc
Of the universe.
When it seems the worst
Is here

And now the street’s alive
On a justice drive
And to the days before
This darkened tide
We will soon return
In November we learn
To cheer

And I want us all to learn to how take a knee
And I want us all to learn what it means to be free

At last, it appears that in spite of his dream
It’s One bended knee we cannot redeem
Our better angels, they struggle to breathe
Could it be that I’m so naïve.

So naïve
So naïve
So naïve

Through the poisoned air
There’s a common prayer
And in all our pain
We as one will share
And we shall overcome
As we have always done
Through time

The crowd that gathers ‘round
And hears the raging sound
They’ll never disappear
And will always be found
When the call goes out
You needn’t have any doubt
In mind

And I want the world to know it’s right to be naïve
And the world will be a better place when we’re all naïve.

And Brothers, we keep the peace and keep up the fight
And Sisters, the love we feel won’t fade overnight
What a beautiful tale the we all will weave
If we’d let ourselves be

So Naïve
So Naïve
So Naïve
So Naïve

So Naïve
Let yourself be so naïve.
You’re so naïve.